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Embracing Asperger's: A Primer for Parents and Professionals

This compassionate book empowers parents and teachers, and enables them to nurture the child’s strengths and work towards a happy and promising future. Addresses common areas of difficulty, including creating a safe space, quieting sensory overload, quelling anxiety, connecting to feelings, promoting friendship, and feeding creativity.

How to Unspoil Your Child Fast

Offers a straightforward and practical solution to fixing and preventing the problems of over-indulgence–concrete tips, simple strategies and easy action steps for reversing the effects almost immediately.

Playing for Real: Exploring Child Therapy and the Inner Worlds of Children

With prose that is wise, compassionate, and accessible, Playing for Real opens a window to the world of child therapy, and to the emotional and imaginative experiences of children.

Teens in Therapy

Filled with rich case material, Teens in Therapy focuses on the stories and perspectives of adolescents themselves, arming therapists with a clearer sense of purpose and strategy, and giving them the tools necessary to effectively engage their teenage clients in therapy and help them to assume greater responsibility for their treatments and futures.

Doing Therapy with Children and Adolescents with Asperger Disorder

Diagnoses of Asperger Syndrome in children and adolescents are on the rise. Using vivid case material, Doing Therapy with Children and Adolescent with Asperger Syndrome offers clinicians guidance to treat these challenging and intriguing children.

Doing Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

This readable guide for therapists and students lays out the theoretical essence and practical essentials of doing child and adolescent psychotherapy from the referral call to the last goodbye.

How to Cite APA Style 6th in Psychology, Social Work, Education, and the Social Sciences

This handy and speedy guide to APA (6th ed.) citing and referencing eliminates the risk of plagiarism and reveals clear and creative ways of writing with source material in psychology, education, social work, nursing and any other discipline that uses APA style.