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Teens in Therapy

"Lively, practical, note-perfect guidance to therapists of adolescents. Indispensable for young therapists... will also be of interest to more seasoned practitioners and supervisors."
New England Psychologist

"A pleasure to read... the result is a suspenseful, engaging,
and truly wise text that deserves to become a standard in the field."
–Harry G. Segal, PhD, Cornell University

"Anyone who is interested in adolescent psychology or who has ever struggled with adolescents or adolescent clients in therapy will benefit from reading this book."

"Just as this book is written in direct, jargon-free language in a way that communicates with the reader, these same qualities are suggested by the author as those that will facilitate the therapist’s work... A highly readable book that captures the essence of working with adolescents in treatment."
–Phebe Cramer, PhD, Williams College

Filled with rich case material, Teens in Therapy focuses on the stories and perspectives of adolescents themselves, arming therapists with a dearer sense of purpose and strategy.

"[Bromfield's] eloquent emphasis on the importance of empathy, helping teenagers feel understood, and balancing the need to challenge as well as push is well-stated. His clear writing is instructive and engaging, and his no-nonsense style is refreshing. This book should be required reading for anyone working with teenagers."
–Sally Theran, PhD, Wellesley College

"Clearly written, down to Earth and at times humorous, this book is a practical guide to working with teens and adolescents. It is bursting with real life examples of characters who howl, swear, make up fantastic stories and fall asleep through their sessions — but whom Bromfield portrays with respect and usually with affection."
Counselling Resource


1. Whose Therapy, Whose Life?
Fostering the Patient's Ownership of Therapy

2. Neither Voodoo Nor Magic
Using Therapy to Help Teens Achieve Change

3. Who Wants What?
Identifying and Prioritizing Treatment Goals

4. Precious Goods
Valuing the Adolescent

5. Truth or Consequence
Assessing and Promoting Honesty in Therapy

6.Polishing Your Mirror
Facilitating Self-Revelation

7. Tread Gently
Respecting Self-Esteem and Its Vulnerability

8. Lights, Camera, Action
Spotlighting Conflict

9. You Talking to Me?
Confronting Patients in Therapy

10. Work It!
Keeping Teens Working at Therapy

11. Word Up
Speaking the Patient's Language

12. Free to Be
Setting Limits in Therapy

13. All That Jazz
Educating, Problem-Solving, Advocating & Helping Teens Beyond Formal Therapy

14. Thinking Outside the Couch
Getting Therapeutically Creative

15. Yawn
Moving Beyond Boredom and the Doldrums

16. Sow's Ears, Silk Purses, and Silver Linings
Finding Opportunity in Crisis

17. Failures, Missteps, and Lost Causes
Learning and Recovering from the Inevitable

18. Helping Hands
Working with Parents