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Playing for Real: Exploring Child Therapy and the Inner Worlds of Children

"Explores the delicate world of play therapy with subtlety and skill... Refreshing reading."
Contemporary Psychology

"Bravo, a splendid work. Speaks without jargon to both the layman and professional."
The Arts in Psychotherapy

"Humorous and touching... An excellent introductory text to excite and educate."
Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

"Similar to the works of Virginia Axline... Bromfield's attention to the details of child's play is uncanny. Indeed, the wisdom in this book will complement the efforts of all those who love and care for children."
Childhood Education

"Vivid and captivating... Provides a clear and accurate picture of play therapy."
Journal of Pediatric Psychology

"Masterful... Compelling and instructive. His lucid language transforms the profound meanings of each child’s struggle into guiding principles that go beyond the therapy hour... The reader can appreciate the vulnerability all children share, in therapy or not."
Durham (NC) Herald Sun

"Children’s hurts and concerns come alive..."
Psychology in the Schools

"A gem of a book."
American Journal of Family Therapy

"Compassionate and incisive... Sets an extraordinary standard."
Kirkus Reviews

"Entertaining and convincing."
Academic Library Book Review