Richard Bromfield, Ph.D.


Richard Bromfield, PhD, is a graduate of Bowdoin College and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A faculty member of Harvard Medical School, he writes about children, psychotherapy, and family life in both professional and popular periodicals. He is in private practice in Boston, Massachusetts.

Presents a fresh and essential look at Asperger's from the child's experience.
A quick and doable plan to quickly turn a home around.
Reveals the rich and relevant play and inner experience of children in therapy.
An enormously pragmatic and relevant approach to engaging adolescents in therapy.
A new and necessary look at what children and adolescents with Asperger's teach their therapists.
A practical, thorough and readable guide for mental health professionals of any theoretical school who value the therapeutic relationship.
A short, accurate and easy guide to APA (6th ed.) writing, citing and referencing.